Andromeda Preschool features three developmentally appropriate learning programs

Voluntary Prekindergarten Program

Andromeda Preschool has chosen the Houghton-Mifflin Pre-Kcurriculum. Houghton-Mifflin Pre-K is a comprehensive Pre-K program that provides all children with the foundational skills they need to succeed as lifelong learners.

The flexible lesson structure develops critical early learning skills such as oral language, listening comprehension, phonological awareness, vocabulary, alphabet knowledge and print awareness, as well as teaches early mathematics skill on a daily basis. The curriculum encourages “hands on, minds on” learning.


Learning centers and group activities complete the program's comprehensive approach, addressing social and emotional development, science, social studies, motor skills, art and music.

This curriculum is further enhanced by our teachers' classroom experience.

Andromeda has participated in the state VPK program since its inaugural year (2005-2006).


2-Year-Old Program

Frog Street Toddler is a curriculum created especially for 2 year olds. It is designed to foster essential growth, meet the needs of all learners and embrace the joy of learning every day through language development, cognitive development, physical development and social emotional development. It is aligned to meet School Readiness Goals and State Standards.

3-Year-Old Program

Our Three Year Old Curriculum is HighScope.

This Preschool Curriculum is filled with many ideas to encourage children to discover and learn. It helps develop activities that are culturally relevant, developmentally appropriate, interesting and fun. Each unit is filled with activities, songs, chants and opportunities to experience quality children’s literature designed to meet national standards for early education. State standards are met for art and creativity, cognitive skills, mathematics, science and social studies, along with communication, literacy, personal health and development and social and emotional skills.


Inspire. Learn. Grow